December 2019 Operation Light Update

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Dear Prayer Friends,

Pastor Dare and his church were able to conduct a VBS a couple months ago on their new land that was recently purchased through Operation Light. They had almost 100 children attend during the week and several received Christ as their Saviour! Pray for Pastor Dare and his wife as they are expecting their fourth child in the Spring of 2020. Pastor Dare’s wife, Salome has experienced some complications with the pregnancy, and the doctor initially instructed her to be on full bed rest. Thankfully, she is doing somewhat better and is now on partial bed rest. Continue praying for God’s blessings on Pastor Dare and his family and the church in the Apollo region of Takoradi.

Pastor Frederick has faced many hurdles and struggles in getting his family moved and set up in Agona Nkwanta. He had a serious infection in his leg that he dealt with for several months. Most recently, the landlord changed his mind on allowing him and his family to move into an apartment. Despite these and other setbacks, he has moved to Agona and is faithfully spreading the Word of God. Several hundred Gospel tracts have been distributed in the last couple months. He is actively searching for land and praying for God to supply the funds to purchase land and build a building. Pray for Pastor Frederick to stay encouraged in the Lord and to be able to see fruit from his labor.

Pastor Augustine is also searching for land on which to build a church building and is praying for the funds to be able to acquire something soon in the Shama region of Takoradi. God has blessed the soulwinning efforts there, and he recently saw six individuals trust Christ as their Saviour! Pastor Augustine is small in stature, but I believe God will use him in a great way to reach many in Shama with the Gospel. Pray for him and his family as three of their loved ones recently passed away over a short period of time.

Although I will not be traveling to West Africa to see these men this winter, I am thankful for Bro. Ruckman traveling there again. He plans to visit a couple nations in West Africa during his trip in late January. It is always exciting to be in Africa, and I look forward to traveling there again in 2021.

David Crews Director