Apremdo, Ghana – Church Plant

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Apremdo, Ghana

Fundamental Bible Baptist Church

Dare’ Olujomoye, Pastor

Operation Light is supporting Pastor Dare Olujomoye full-time, enabling him to start the Fundamental Bible Baptist Church in the Apremdo region of Takoradi, Ghana. The church was reorganized in January of 2019.

As of August 2021, the foundation and floor for the church building in Apremdo is done! They will form and pour the pillars next and then will start building walls. Praise the Lord for what He is accomplishing! The devil has fought every step of the way. It took years to get this land. Because of a very extended rainy season, it has taken nine months to dig the six-foot trenches for footers (and re-dig them when the rains collapsed them); build the block foundation from six feet deep on the south side all the way up, build the concrete beam around the top, and pour the concrete one wheelbarrow load at a time!

As of September 2021, the 30 pillars have been poured for the church building. The next step will be framing and pouring the ceiling of the 1st floor, which will be the base of the 2nd floor. 

Church Needs

Pastor Dare’ Olujomoye does have property purchased but needs the funds to build a church building on the property. (cost: $8,000)