Summer 2021 Operation Light Update

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Dear Praying Friends,

I. Ghana

A. Bro. James Ruckman to West Africa

Bro. Ruckman is currently on furlough, traveling to churches to get the needed support for his ministry in Ghana, West Africa. He plans to depart for Ghana in January 2022 and will be acquiring land and constructing buildings for the Bible college that continues to train national men to start churches in West Africa and beyond. Funds will need to be raised for this project that will kick off next year.

B. Pastor Dare Olujomoye started the Fundamental Bible Baptist Church in Apremdo, Ghana

  1. Land Purchased and Cleared.
  2. Footers Dug and block foundation laid.
  3. Construction is ongoing, and the building should be easily finished later this year.
  4. Needs: $7,650 to finish building. God has provided Pastor Dare with a moto. He needs a personal vehicle, and the church could use a bus to bring people in. He could also use another $200 per month in support.

C. Pastor Frederick Aidoo started the Fundamental Baptist Church in Agona Nkwanta, Ghana

  1. Land has been purchased. Paperwork is still being processed. There is a parsonage on this land. There is also a building that will be converted into a church. I do not know yet what the cost will be to renovate that building. They can meet though in the other half of the parsonage until the building is renovated.
  2. Pastor Frederick needs a moto and a personal vehicle. He also needs a Bluetooth microphone/speaker. He is nearly losing his voice every time he preaches.

D. Pastor Augustine Amoah started the Fundamental Bible Baptist Church in Shama, Ghana

  1. The Lord has provided the finances for two plots of land. We just found out today, May 18, 2021, that the landowners dishonored the contract and will not sell the land. So the hunt for land begins anew. But the money is already there.
  2. We have a tent ready to set up as soon as their land is purchased.
  3. The only need right now for Pastor Augustine is a moto and a personal vehicle.

II. Togo

A. Emmanuel Goungampo started the Bread of Life Baptist Church in Lome, Togo

Bro. Goungampo continues to pastor the church in Lome while also training national men to pastor and organizing soul-winning campaigns in villages.

B. Immanuel Baptist Church in Wahala, Togo

Due to Covid, paperwork for the purchase of land was delayed. The land has now been secured and construction is ready to start. Construction crews are being organized and the church building will be completed later this year. Bro. Goungampo is excited about this village of Wahala, which is two hours away from him, getting their church building built. Operation Light gave $5,000 for the purchase of the land and construction of a church building. Bro. Koffi Agroussaki is a graduate of Bro. Goungampo’s Bible institute and will be ordained later this year. Bro. Koffi then plans to pastor the Immanuel Baptist Church in Wahala.

C. Bro. Kossi Buame in Lome, Togo

Operation Light gave $1,000 for Bro. Kossi to have a motorcycle to use for the ministry. He visits villages, gives out the Gospel, and sees people saved regularly. He usually preaches in two different village churches on Sundays. Bro. Goungampo states “he is very dedicated to the cause of the Gospel of Christ.”

III. Burkina Faso

A. Bro. Keith Shumaker in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

During his 17 years of serving God in Burkina Faso, Bro. Shumaker has trained many national men who have started churches in various cities and villages. As of now, God has enabled these men to start 19 churches. One of the national men that were trained, Pastor Salif, has started five churches. Evangelism campaigns continue each year in neighboring villages, with the plan to see more churches planted. Another of the national men, Pastor Konate has been ministering to the hundreds of refugee children that fled terrorist activity and were brought to his village of Kaya. Over one hundred of them attend the school that Pastor Konate oversees and 89 of these young people have been saved. Bro. Shumaker’s primary building project right now is Base Camp Burkina. This is several plots of land near their city where construction has started and several buildings will be built for Bible college and dormitory housing.