March 2019 Operation Light Update

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Dear Praying Friends,

Earlier this year, my home church provided me with the opportunity to visit the continent of Africa for the first time. It was such a wonderful trip, and God blessed it in every way.

One of the primary objectives was to spend some time with the three nationals that we now support through Operation Light. I was very impressed and encouraged after being with Pastor Dare, Bro. Augustine, and Bro. Frederick. Their genuine humility, love for the Lord, strong doctrine, and soulwinning fervor was very evident. These men have started or will soon be starting a church in the greater Takoradi area in the southern region of Ghana.

While I was in Ghana, Bro. Augustine and Bro. Frederick were ordained to the Gospel ministry at their home/sending church. It was an honor to participate in this special occasion and meet several national pastors who were also invited to have a part in it. After getting started on “Africa time,” the ordination counsel went about an hour longer than anticipated! Many had already gathered for the ordination service, were dressed up, and waiting for us out in the heat. It was incredible to hear them sing the old hymns for over twenty-five minutes while they waited for the service to begin!

Another great blessing in relation to the ordination service was how God ultimately did a work in the hearts of those who came. Bro. Augustine’s mother and sister arrived for the Saturday event and decided to stay for church on Sunday. Thank the Lord that they both received Christ after the morning service!

Praise God!

Religious but lost would be the best way to define the people in this area. The Takoradi region is filled with religious monikers. It is common to see “Jesus saves” on the back of taxis and “God’s grace” on various signage. This part of Ghana has been inundated with charismatic-style churches that essentially preach a works salvation and thus cause great harm to the cause of Christ.

Walking through the neighborhoods, the smell of sewage, the obvious poverty, and the presence of sin are very real. However, it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that still reaches those who are lost. II Cor. 4:3 states, But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: For this reason, I am thankful to be a liaison for this new church-planting ministry, Operation Light. Pray for us as we continue to assist in the planting of fundamental, soulwinning, Baptist churches all over West Africa.


David Crews, Director


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