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About Us

What is Operation Light?

For a number of years, several of the seventeen nations in West Africa have been blessed with passionate men of God whom the Lord has used to start soulwinning churches. As souls have been saved and young men are taught the Scriptures, God has chosen to call some to preach and pastor churches! After fighting through various difficulties, obstacles, and hindrances to complete their Bible college training, several are now ready to serve full time and plant churches.

There is just one problem; these men do not have the means to serve full time. Out of necessity they are working a secular job to provide for their wife and family.

The role of Operation Light (a ministry of Immanuel Baptist Church of Jacksonville, FL) is to remove this hindrance and support these national pastors as they start churches. We also raise funds to help them purchase a church property and build a church building. After three to five years, the support is cut off so that we can do this all over again with another national pastor who is ready to start a church.


Pastor Greg Neal


Operation Light is a local church ministry based out of Immanuel Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Due to Pastor Neal’s prayer and vision for souls, this great opportunity has arisen to plant one hundred or more churches in West Africa for the glory of God.

David Crews


As the primary point of contact for this ministry, Bro. Crews will be communicating regularly with the church planters in Africa and with the supporting churches stateside. His yearly trip to Africa will help ensure better reporting to churches and accountability of national pastors.

James Ruckman

Veteran Missionary

As a seasoned missionary who has seen scores of souls saved in Africa, he is coordinating the training of the national pastors. He is also key to maintaining accountability of the national pastors regarding their character, work ethic, Bible doctrine, and finances.