December 2020 Operation Light Update

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Dear Praying Friends,

The three church plants in Ghana and the church plant in Togo have had a good year and continue to go forward for God. There are several updates and blessings to share with you regarding the churches in Ghana.

Last month, Bro. Ruckman was able to fly to Ghana and get several items accomplished in the short time he was there. A container was shipped to Accra with many materials for the national pastors, which included dress shirts, Bibles, and commentaries. Though the container did not clear customs while he was there, he was able to confirm that it arrived and pay to have it released from port. Bro. Ruckman spent much time working at the property that Operation Light purchased for Pastor Dare’s church in Apremdo. He was able to assist the people in the church as they finished building the wall around the church property. The people of Fundamental Bible Baptist Church not only have a mind to work, but they have also given sacrificially to help pay for the wall and the necessary backfill.

The property was able to get backfilled and packed as God allowed a construction company to pass by who was able to complete the work after the original construction crew failed to show up. Then, Operation Light stepped in and funded the $1,350 needed to put down the Zero Forty product, which prevents a muddy mess on the land when it rains. Just this month a campaign was started to raise funds for the concrete blocks that are necessary to build the foundation and first floor of the new church building on this property. Praise the Lord, at sixty cents per block, the 3,500 blocks for the foundation have been paid and the blocks will soon be put down!

While we are thankful for how God has blessed the progress towards a new building, we are most thankful that the desire to reach people with the Gospel continues to be the priority with Pastor Dare and the other national pastors. During his daily soulwinning, Pastor Dare was recently able to lead an adult lady named Hannah to the Lord!

A few months ago, Operation Light funded the $5,000 down payment for the Pastor Aidoo’s church in Agona Nkwanta. Some of the money has come in to complete the purchase of the land and buildings, and we are praying for God to supply the additional $11,500. Also, Pastor Amoah has located three plots of land that would be ideal to purchase. He is currently doing well meeting in rented facilities and is praying for God’s direction, wisdom, and timing regarding the purchase of property for the church.

Later this month or in the first part of January, Operation Light will have a new website with much information, pictures, and videos. We are excited about what God is doing through these national pastors in West Africa and look forward to seeing how He will meet the various needs for the continuance of His work!

David Crews, Director